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CanAssist Innovation Fund

Help CanAssist be responsive, flexible, innovative

Every week, CanAssist receives requests from individuals in the community, their family and care teams, requesting us to create technologies that currently don't exist in the market. The need is tremendous.

CanAssist wants to have the ability to respond to these requests and, in doing so, help improve the independence and quality of life of people representing the full spectrum of disabilities, regardless of their age or their challenges, by developing and delivering innovative, customized, practical technologies where none currently exist.

But we want to extend our reach even further. Not only do we want to help these individuals meet their goals, we also want to make use of the initial research and development we conducted to create their prototype technology to develop a more finished product that addresses the common needs many others who might face a similar challenge.  In short, we want to help as many people as possible reach their goals.

Building the CanAssist Innovation Fund is helping us to conduct the critical research and development needed to take a promising prototype developed for an individual client, and extends its reach much more widely with a final technology that requires little or no customization. Ideally, some of these products will have commercial appeal, allowing us both to reach a still wider number of individuals who could benefit, and to support CanAssist's goal to be financially sustainable, in part through social enterprise.

The CanAssist Innovation Fund will allow us to not only serve those clients who traditionally fall through the cracks because they don't qualify for other kinds of support (for example, many foundations do not support adults or only support particular diseases or challenges); but will also allow CanAssist the flexibility to pursue innovative solutions to address common needs.


Anne-Lise Loomer
Development Officer
Tel: 250-853-3948

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