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CLBC and CanAssist collaborate on pilot

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Community Living British Columbia has provided CanAssist with $100,000 for a pilot project to develop customized technologies to increase the independence and improve the quality of life of a small number of individuals supported by CLBC.

CLBC is a provincial crown agency that delivers supports and services to adults with developmental disabilities and their families in B.C. CLBC also supports individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is expected that individuals selected for the pilot project will be those with developmental disabilities living in group homes or home-share settings in the Greater Victoria region.

CanAssist's engineering team will develop the customized technologies in consultation with each person and the people in his or her support network . The primary focus will be on increasing independence in activities that are part of the individual's daily life.

“Innovation is a key priority for CLBC, including supporting the development of technology-based advancements that increase independence for individuals,” said Carol Goozh, Vice President, Policy and Program Development at CLBC. “We are excited about this partnership with CanAssist and look forward to hearing about the results of this pilot project.”

“We are delighted to be working with CLBC on this worthwhile project,” said Robin Syme, CanAssist's Assistant Director – Partnerships. “Our team is looking forward to finding ways to help CLBC's clients become more self-sufficient in their day-to-day activities.”

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