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CanAssist launches two more software apps

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CanAssist recently added two additional apps to its lineup of software developed for people with disabilities.

The two apps - called About My Day and CanJournal - are now available on Apple's App Store. Other CanAssist apps on the App Store include CanPlan and CanTunes. Here is a brief description of each:

About My Day A software app that allows caregivers to make notes about the daily experiences of an individual with whom they are working. The app is designed to replace paper journals often carried by the individual as a means of sharing information among family and support workers.  Download from the App Store
A software app that allows users with memory challenges to record milestones and setbacks and play them back so they can retrace their recent past. Download from the App Store
A software app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that breaks down any task into a series of steps using photos, audio and text.  Download from the App Store
A software app that provides an extremely simple way for people with a range of cognitive disabilities to select and play music on an iPad.  Download from the App Store

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