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Modifications to trike lead to safer riding

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Eighteen-year-old Colton loves to ride his tricycle in his Victoria neighborhood. But he needs to have someone with him for safety reasons, and that person has to be able to help him stop easily. Without any modifications to a conventional trike, the situation can be stressful for Colton’s attendant, and potentially unsafe for both of them.

Colton’s physiotherapist, Robyn, came to CanAssist and asked for modifications to his tricycle that would make the activity safer for the teen and any attendant.

The goal was to add a brake to the tricycle that could be controlled by the attendant, so that that person could slow down or stop the trike when needed, rather than trying to physically stop it.

Jo-el, Colton’s mother, is delighted with the increased freedom that the new brake provides.

“Having the handbrake installed on Colton's trike has made it much easier to get out and enjoy our neighbourhood instead of looking and staying to flat areas,” Jo-el said. “The ergonomic placement of the handbrake also makes it easier and safer for the support person.”

CanAssist is very appreciative of the generous funding from the Norgaard Foundation, which made modifications to Colton’s trike possible.

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