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CanAssist seeks feedback on a new app: Tap2Chat

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CanAssist is seeking feedback on a new app for Android smartphones called Tap2Chat.

The app is a hands-free, voice-free assistive technology that allows users with a range of disabilities to control the basic functionality of their Android smartphones using Bluetooth switch technology, which allows easy access to contacts, calls and texts. By pressing a single button with any part of their body over which they have control, users can scroll through an enlarged grid of their contacts, and easily begin or complete a call or text. 

Currently, there is a lack of reliable, efficient and inclusive options in the marketplace for Android users with disabilities to easily manage and use their phones. CanAssist’s goal is to further develop and launch the Tap2Chat app so that many people with disabilities will have the freedom to use their smartphones more independently. Before making the investment to further develop and publish Tap2Chat for widespread use, we are inviting feedback in order to ascertain the number of potential users who might find the app helpful.

Tap2Chat was created by CanAssist Software Developer Dan Spelt, who himself uses the app every day and is refining it in order to benefit others. 

If you would like to see how the app works, please visit Dan’s demo video on YouTube. Feedback on the app’s functionality, or views on how many people might benefit from it, would be greatly appreciated and can be sent to CanAssist at


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