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Together we CanAssist.

The arts

  • Automated Stamper

    A teenager with her own business received a device that increases her involvement in creating her beautiful greeting cards.

  • CanTunes App

    CanTunes is a software application that provides an extremely simplified way for people with a range of cognitive disabilities to select and play music on an iPad.

  • EMG Switch with iPod

    Two CanAssist technologies are combined so a young man can control an iPod by moving his facial muscles.

  • Gesture-Controlled Music Project

    This system uses the same technology as Nintendo's Wii remote to let people with disabilities create music using whatever part of their body they choose.

  • Guitar Strummer

    A device that enables people with the use of only one hand to play guitar.

  • Head-Activated Piano Pedal

    A music Master's student was unable to use the piano pedal. We created a technology that lets her push the pedal by moving her head.

  • iPod Switch Interface

    The iPod Switch Interface lets people with very challenging disabilities control Apple's popular iPod music player with a single switch.

  • Mobile Music Therapy Kit

    A multimedia kit that enables classes of students with disabilities to create music together during music therapy sessions.

  • Modified Carving Tool

    We adapted an electric chisel for a professional stone carver. The modifications make gripping the chisel much easier.

  • Piano Pedal Extender

    A horizontal extension of a piano pedal allows a musician to activate it while sitting further away from his piano.

  • Radio Drum

    This device lets people generate percussion sounds by moving the sticks in a particular direction and at various speeds or by hitting the surface.

  • Real-Time Conductor Viewer

    This innovative technology lets a student with very limited vision read his music and watch a conductor simultaneously.

  • Stone Carving Vise

    We created a vise for a professional sculptor that holds pieces of stone securely. The device is powered with an electric car jack.

  • Strummer for Lap Steel Guitar

    A metal box containing a motor and computer chip enables a person with dexterity challenges to play a lap steel guitar independently.

  • Switch Music app

    An app that allows users to control music playback with the Switch Control feature on an iPad.

  • Visual Music Browser

    An interface for iTunes software that allows people with a range of disabilities to manage their music and audio files independently on their computers.

  • Waveband

    A software app that lets people with disabilities express themselves musically through motion.

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