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At home

  • Bath Bench Modifications

    Some clients commercial bath benches customized for increased safety and ease of use.

  • Bathroom Steps for Toddler

    Customized wooden steps enable a toddler who has legs that are shorter than usual to reach the sink.

  • CanPlan app

    An application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that breaks down any task into a series of steps, using photos, audio and text.

  • Captive Knife Cutting Board

    A device that lets people safely use a kitchen knife using only one hand.

  • Hall-Crossing Handrail

    Allows people who are mobile but unsteady to cross to the other side of a hallway safely.

  • Kitchen Bar Code Scanner

    A modified bar code scanner helps people with vision impairments identify the food in their cupboards.

  • Kitchen knives and tools

    Kitchen tools for people with a wide range of challenges.

  • Lap Saver for Wheelchair Users

    A durable stable work surface that can be easily attached to a variety of wheelchairs.

  • Laundry Basket Walker

    Doing the laundry just got safer and easier with a sturdy basket attached to a walker.

  • Liquid Meal Wheelchair Mount

    An easy-to-transport stand that attaches liquid meal pouches to a wheelchair.

  • Modified Shoe Donner

    A commercial "shoe donner" was modified so a woman with special needs can put on her footwear independently.

  • Multi-item Clamp

    A customized clamp enables a teen to perform everyday activities independently, such as eating snacks and brushing her hair.

  • Oven Loader

    An automated oven loader provides independence to a woman whose physical challenges were thwarting her love of baking.

  • Phone-in Monitoring System

    A device that allows caregivers to call into their loved one's home phone line to learn about their recent activity.

  • Portable Cup Holder

    A young woman wanting to work in the hospitality industry receives a cup holder that enables her to pour beverages without spilling.

  • Radio Frequency Wandering Alert

    A system uses radio frequency tags to mitigate the risk of individuals wandering from a non-secure facility.

  • Robotic Grabber

    This battery-operated device attaches to a wheelchair and lets people pick up objects off the floor.

  • Simple Remote Control

    A very simplified version of a TV remote controls that allows people with a range of disabilities to control their television set independently.

  • Speak Today App

    This app allows users to easily hear a voice overview of their upcoming calendar events.

  • Wandering Redirect System

    A strategically placed tablet helps to reinforce the time of day for individuals with dementia.

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