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Communication and computer access

  • About My Day

    About My Day is a software app that helps a family, caregivers and health-care professionals keep in touch regarding an individual with a disability with whom they work.

  • Alert Button

    We modified a doorbell so a young man can easily alert his caregiver during the night by pressing a button with his head.

  • Cellphone Mount and Switch-Adapter Box

    This dual-function device enables a client to use a cellphone without having to rely on his fingers or a caregiver.

  • Choices2Go

    An app for the iPad that provides visual, in-the-moment choice-making opportunities for people who may not otherwise be easily understood.

  • Dynamic Keyboard

    For people who would like to type on a computer but are unable to use either regular keyboards or full onscreen ones; works with many input devices, including a mouse, touch-screen pad and others.

  • DynaVox and Tablet Mounting System

    Two customized mounting brackets hold a DynaVox and tablet securely, while the user is in bed and when he is seated in a power chair.

  • Flexible Cell Phone Mount

    We developed a device that attaches to a wheelchair and holds a cell phone securely in place to make dialing easier.

  • Headband-Operated EMG Switch

    A device that helps people communicate by contracting the muscles in their face. Clients are fitted with a special headband lined with surface electrodes and when their facial muscles contract, a switch is activated.

  • Headband-Operated EMG Switch with Mouse Click Box

    The electrical activity produced by contracting one’s facial muscles activates a Mouse Click Box which, in turn, can be programmed to control a function on a computer.

  • iPad Stand

    A simple stand for the iPad helps a toddler with vocal paralysis make choices and communicate with her world.

  • iPhone Switch Interface

    Allows people to control the functions of an iPhone with accessibility switches.

  • KeySurf

    A program that lets users surf the web with a keyboard instead of a mouse by spelling the first letters of each desired link.

  • Motorized Tablet Mount

    This device allows a person who uses a wheelchair to use and adjust a tablet easily and independently.

  • Multi-Surface iPad Mount

    This mount for an iPad keeps the tablet securely in place and can easily be attached to tables, wheelchair trays, and other surfaces.

  • PhraseChat app

    A keyboard for iOS devices that lets users generate text messages from pre-loaded phrases.

  • Voice Amplification System Modification

    We modified a commercial voice amplification system so a client using a wheelchair could use it independently and be heard more easily.

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