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Multi-Surface iPad Mount

What is it?

The mount can be moved easily from one surface to another.

This Multi-Surface iPad Mount keeps the tablet securely in place, and can easily be attached to tables, wheelchair trays, and other surfaces.

Key features

  • holds an iPad firmly in place
  • attaches to many surfaces, including trays and tables
  • permits easy adjustment of iPad's position
  • iPad power button is easy to access

Who is it for?

This mount was originally developed for a three-year-old girl with a brain injury and vision challenges, and who uses an iPad for communication and to improve her attention. Being so young, the little girl would often push and pull on her iPad, sometimes sending it flying to the floor. CanAssist was asked to create a mount that would hold the tablet securely in place.

The Multi-Surface iPad Mount was developed using a commercially available iPad holder and two adjustable mounting arms. CanAssist reinforced and customized the case to work with the two mounting arms, while also ensuring easy access to the tablet's power button. The mount can easily be attached to a wheelchair tray, a standing frame, and many other surfaces, including most tabletops. In addition, while the device holds an iPad very securely, users can still adjust its position and angle with ease. 


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