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Therapy and learning

  • Aphasia Education app

    This app was designed with the help of speech language pathologists who wanted a tool to help care providers learn how to interact with individuals with aphasia.

  • Armrest Customization

    A customized armrest attaches to a chair, providing support and freedom of movement.

  • CanJournal app

    A software app that allows people with memory challenges to record their milestones and setbacks on a mobile device.

  • Classroom Alert System

    We developed a customized light that is letting a Grade 1 boy indicate to his teacher that he wants to speak in class.

  • EMG Training for Prosthetic Arm

    A little girl receives training from CanAssist to learn how to control the muscles that will enable her to activate her new myoelectric prosthetic arm.

  • Foot-Activated Noise Maker

    This device encourages kids with developmental disabilities to learn how to walk by putting each foot in the correct place.

  • Laser Pointer

    This technology allows clients to activate toys and appliances by pointing at a laser-sensitive target. It is also used in classrooms to spell out words.

  • Multi-Sensory Entertainment Board

    An extremely easy-to-use display featuring engaging sounds and images.

  • Musical Slippers

    Cute slippers play a huge range of music when a little girl succeeds in putting them on all by herself.

  • Rainstick Oscillator

    A device that is a constant source of relaxation for a little girl and will teach her to use an accessibility switch.

  • Saddle Support

    We created a customized support so a young woman could gain more therapeutic benefits - and enjoyment - while riding.

  • Sensory Stimulation Bed

    A highly customized bed that lets a youngster get the sensory stimulation he requires in safety.

  • Switch-Accessible Spinner

    A device that works like a roulette wheel to enable kids to participate more actively in classroom activities.

  • Switch-Activated Writing System

    For those with very limited vision who are also unable to type, typing can be accomplished using a simple switch or EMG device.

  • Therapeutic Pillow

    An electronic pillow moves rhythmically and helps a young man with autism to relax in times of stress.

  • Visual Money Calculator

    A software program that helps people learn about currency and handle basic money transactions.

  • Zero Gravity Arm Support

    A device that enables clients with very limited strength to carry out basic daily activities using their arm and hand.

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