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Hobbies and leisure

  • Accessible Gaming Controller

    The controller acts an intermediary between popular video gaming systems and a user's accessibility switch or other control device.

  • Adapted Rocking Horse

    We adapted a commercial rocking horse for a little girl who wasn't able to sit on it unassisted. The new support system will accommodate her as she grows.

  • Adapted Video Camera

    An initiative that enables students with disabilities to test their interest in journalism by using video recording technology that has been customized for their needs.

  • Fishing Systems

    CanAssist has created a number of systems that make fishing more accessible to people with a range of disabilities.

  • Indoor Ball Launcher for Dogs

    A commercial ball launcher was adapted so it could be used by a girl unable to use its remote control. Now Shannon can play with her dog, Austin.

  • Mini Dog Ball Launcher

    This device enables people to play fetch with their dogs by pressing a single switch. It also lets them give the dog a treat.

  • One-Handed Sewing Adaptations

    CanAssist developed two unique tools to make it possible for a client to use a serger and cover-stitch machine with one hand.

  • Remote Control Car Modification

    A remote control toy car was modified so its functions could be controlled by an accessibility switch.

  • Single Switch Movie Player

    This device allows clients with very challenging disabilities to change DVDs without the help of a caregiver.

  • SLR Camera Control

  • Swing-Enabling System

    A special seat was modified for a little girl so that she can swing in the park for the first time. The seat attaches securely to any standard swing in any park.

  • Switch-Accessible Camera

    Users control a camera's functions by pressing a single button on the device, or by connecting it to an accessibility switch.

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