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One-Handed Sewing Adaptations

What is it?

CanAssist developed two unique tools to make it possible for a client to use a serger and cover-stitch machine with one hand. To load the thread into the machine’s tensioner mechanism, a set of customized pliers with U-shaped jaws was created. This tool is used with one hand and replicates holding a length of thread taut with two hands. A second device uses a magnetic base to hold fabric against the sewing machine as it is fed under the machine’s shoe.

Key features

  • pliers with U-shaped jaws replicate holding thread taut
  • magnetic base holds fabric against a sewing machine
  • can be used with a serger and cover-stitch machine

Who is it for?

CanAssist’s one-handed sewing adaptations increase independence for those who wish to sew but only have the use of one hand. While using a sewing machine typically requires the use of two hands to hold the thread taut and feed the fabric into the machine, these adaptations provide access to sewing for individuals who only have the use of one hand. For one individual, CanAssist also provided a task light, magnifier, fabric weights and clear sewing table extension to increase ease of use.

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