University of Victoria

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In the yard or workshop

  • Adapted Drill Press

    A large, easy-grip handle was added to a drill press to make adjusting the height of the machine's working surface easier.

  • Adapted Shop Vac

    Two customized handles were added to the wand of a shop vac, making clean up much easier for a client with dexterity challenges.

  • Firewood Loading System

    This device allows the user to stack and remove firewood from a pile without having to bend down.

  • Lawn Mower Adaptation

    We modified a cordless lawn mower so it can be operated with one hand.

  • Lawnmower for Power Chair

    An adapted lawnmower enables power chair users to contribute independently to yard maintenance.

  • Tree Trimmer Customization

    A device that enables a client who uses a wheelchair to easily prune trees.

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