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Firewood Loading System

What is it?

CanAssist client Clayton (right) on delivery day.

The Firewood Loading System is a customized wood bin mounted on a commercial self-leveling trolley. It changes height automatically as the amount of wood in the bin lowers, limiting the need for the user to bend down to reach into the bottom of the bin. The firewood loading system makes it easier for people with limited mobility to collect and transport firewood.

Key features

  • Keeps wood at waist height to allow user to pick up wood without bending down
  • Mounted on wheels to allow easy transport of wood from truck to storage
  • Wheels have brakes for added safety and stability
  • Robust materials for industrial-type tasks
  • No motor; the self-leveling is accomplished with spring tension and shocks
  • Sliding plastic (Lexan) door allows easy access to wood
  • Durable bin made of steel and aluminum

Who is it for?

Anyone with mobility problems, such as difficulties with bending, reaching and lifting. 


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