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Together we CanAssist.

Mobility and community access

  • CanGo App

    CanGo promotes independent community access by helping people with cognitive challenges take the bus.

  • Customized Hand Brake System for Wheelchair

    Customized hand brakes were added to a non-standard wheelchair for extra control and safety.

  • Double Stroller for Teens

    A robust double stroller customized for teenage siblings.

  • Gait Trainer Modifications

    CanAssist modified a commercial gait trainer to increase its stability for outdoor use, while still allowing the user to walk through narrow walkways.

  • Hitch Lift

    A device that mounts to the trailer hitch of a vehicle and enables individuals to load a mobility aid into a vehicle with little physical effort or bending.

  • Mobile Floor Sitter

    We developed an alternative to a wheelchair for two sisters who need to sit close to the ground while travelling about.

  • Modified Scooter

    We modified an electric scooter for a young woman whose comfort depended on having her legs in an elevated position.

  • Motorized Wheelchair Raincover

    This device allows a person who uses a wheelchair to use and adjust their raincover easily and independently.

  • Portable Ramp with Modifications

    CanAssist modified a commercial ramp to enable a woman who uses a wheelchair to access more buildings in her community.

  • Rear-Controlled Power Trike

    The controls of a battery-operated trike are placed at the rear, so a teen's parents can assist with steering and speed.

  • Reclining Wheelchair Support

    A detachable metal support connects to a wheelchair handle so that the user is fully reclined and supported when a commode seat is used.

  • Shuffling Gait Detector

    A system that helps people with a shuffling gait to walk more safely.

  • Walker Handle Modification

    CanAssist bought, modified and positioned new handle grips to make using a walker more comfortable for a client with arthritis.

  • Wheelchair Transfer Cushion

    This padded cushion fits securely over the wheel of a wheelchair, making transfers easier and more comfortable.

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