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Gait Trainer Modifications

What is it?

The modified gait trainer has added wheels for stability on uneven terrain.

CanAssist modified a commercial gait trainer to increase its stability while still allowing the user to walk through narrow walkways. The original gait trainer was supportive and stable for indoor use but was not equipped for uneven terrain. CanAssist added two additional wheels to the sides of the gait trainer that work the same way as training wheels on a bicycle. These wheels are equipped with a spring system that allows them to fold in and then snap back into place when moving through narrow areas such as doorways. The result was a wider, more stable gait trainer that can be used outdoors.

Key features

  • additional wheels increase stability
  • springs allow wheels to fold in for more narrow areas
  • increases safety for outdoor use of the gait trainer

Who is it for?

The modified gait trainer is useful for individuals who use a gait trainer but are not stable enough to safely travel outside. The modifications to the gait trainer allowed this client to explore the outdoors, whereas the original commercial solution was only stable enough to navigate indoors on flat surfaces.



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