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Hitch Lift

What is it?

Clients Ken and Susan with their Hitch Lift on delivery day.

The Hitch Lift enables individuals to independently load a manual wheelchair, lightweight scooter or other mobility aid into a vehicle with very little physical effort or bending. The lift is battery powered and easily mounts to the trailer hitch of a vehicle, making it safer and easier for caregivers and other individuals to transport manual wheelchairs or lightweight scooters to appointments, social events and other activities. When not in use, the device can be easily folded for transportation.

Key features

  • motorized hoist lifts up to 50 pounds
  • remains on the vehicle, folding easily for transportation
  • compatible with most vehicle hitches
  • simple to install
  • lightweight and compact

Who is it for?

This device is useful for individuals who use mobility aids, relying on their spouse or other caregivers to bring their manual wheelchair or lightweight scooter along in a vehicle for appointments and outings. It can also be used by individuals who use mobility aids themselves, allowing them to lift their own mobility aid into a vehicle. In such situations, the Hitch Lift can help reduce the risk of injury to the person lifting the heavy wheelchair into a vehicle.



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