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Ventilator Enclosure

What is it?

The water-resistant enclosure keeps the ventilator dry while on a sailboat.

The Ventilator Enclosure allows individuals who use a ventilator to go sailing (a ventilator is a machine that helps a person breathe.) To keep the ventilator dry, CanAssist designed a water-resistant enclosure. The enclosure has custom air inlets and outlets that prevent water from entering while allowing fresh breathing air to reach the ventilator, cool air to circulate to prevent overheating and audible alarms to be heard. The inside of the enclosure has bumpers and webbing straps to secure the ventilator inside while ensuring clearance for the air inlet, cooling vents and breathing tube. The enclosure is sufficiently large to allow good air circulation but small enough to fit on a Martin 16 sailboat.

Key features

  • air inlets and outlets allow fresh breathing air to reach the ventilator and cool air to circulate to prevent overheating
  • rubber gasket allows a breathing tube to pass through the enclosure wall while preventing water from entering
  • clear cover allows for easy viewing of the ventilator screen
  • handle and tie-down rings allow the enclosure to be secured in a sailboat
  • thermometer indicates the temperature of the enclosure to prevent overheating
  • easy to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning

Who is it for?

Client Trevor enjoying a sail on delivery day.

The Ventilator Enclosure was designed for individuals who enjoy sailing and use a ventilator for breathing. One client, who is dependent on a ventilator, previously had his device splashed by waves while sailing, causing it to malfunction. The Ventilator Enclosure allows him to get back on the water with confidence that his ventilator will stay safe and dry. 






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