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Rear-Controlled Power Trike The controls of a battery-operated trike were placed at the rear, so that a user's caregivers can assist with steering and control the speed.

Lawn Mower Adaptation We modified a cordless lawn mower so it can be operated with one hand.

Bicycle Pedal Modification A simple modification to a bicycle enables users to pedal without fully extending their legs.

Bocce Ball Releaser A system that allows bocce enthusiasts to release balls by themselves. A switch attached to a wheelchair is triggered by the movement of a player's head, setting the ball into motion.

Canoe Paddle Support

Hand Cycle Modifications We altered a recumbent bike for a top paracycling competitor, adding sip-n-puff gears and back-pedalling brakes.

Modified Recumbent Stepper We modified a recumbent stepper machine for a young man who has very specific physical requirements along with a great desire to exercise.

Modified Running Stroller A running stroller was modified so that a little girl could lie in a fully reclined position.

Motivational Cycle

Motivational Exercise Bike for DVD player An exercise bike is outfitted with a device that plays a TV and DVD player - as long as the viewer keeps pedaling.

Motivational Gaming Bicycle

Rowing Brace

Wii Board for Wheelchair Users

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