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EMG Training for Prosthetic Arm EMG training teaches a young client how to control the muscles that will enable her to activate her new prosthetic arm.

Freestanding Book Holder We created an aluminum book holder that stands independently on a table or desktop without the use of a clamp.

Adapted Drill Press A large, easy-grip handle was added to a drill press to make adjusting the height of the machine's working surface easier.

Adapted Shop Vac Two customized handles were added to the wand of a shop vac, making clean up much easier for a client with dexterity challenges.

Modified Riding Glove A special glove was modified to enable a boy to ride a horse safely and with better control.

Tennis Racket Brace

Modified Carving Tool An electric chisel was adapted for a professional stone carver. A large handle and heat-resistant insert make gripping the tool much easier.

Stone Carving Vise A vise for a professional sculptor holds pieces of stone securely, and is powered with an electric car jack.

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