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CanGo App

Customized Hand Brake System for Wheelchair Customized hand brakes were added to a non-standard wheelchair for extra control and safety.

Double Stroller for Teens

Gait Trainer Modifications

Hitch Lift

Mobile Floor Sitter An alternative to a wheelchair that allows people who need to sit close to the ground to travel independently with more ease.

Modified Scooter We modified an electric scooter so that the user's legs can be comfortably raised in an elevated position.

Portable Ramp with Modifications

Walker Handle Modification CanAssist bought, modified and positioned new handle grips to make using a walker more comfortable for a client with arthritis.

Wheelchair Transfer Cushion This padded cushion fits securely over the wheel of a wheelchair, making transfers easier and more comfortable.

Hall-Crossing Handrail

Lap Saver for Wheelchair Users

Laundry Basket Walker

Barber Chair Customization

Firewood Loading System

Bicycle Pedal Modification A simple modification to a bicycle enables users to pedal without fully extending their legs.

Hand Cycle Modifications We altered a recumbent bike for a top paracycling competitor, adding sip-n-puff gears and back-pedalling brakes.

Modified Recumbent Stepper We modified a recumbent stepper machine for a young man who has very specific physical requirements along with a great desire to exercise.

Push Bike for Toddler

Gesture-Controlled Music Project This system uses the same technology as Nintendo's Wii remote to let people with disabilities create music using whatever part of their body they choose.

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