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Visual Money Calculator A software program that helps people learn about currency and how to handle basic money transactions. Shows the steps in calculating and displaying a price, payment given and change owed.

Accessible Filing Cabinet This filing cabinet, which sits horizontally and has vertical slots for files, is at just the right height for someone who uses a wheelchair. It's also easy to lock.

Accessible Paper Shredder CanAssist developed an attachment for a paper shredder that enables a young man to perform his favorite job.

Barber Chair Customization

Ergonomic Butcher Knife Handles

Keyboard Support Stand A customized adjustable keyboard stand makes working more comfortable for a young man who types with his mouth.

Polecam Power Chair This technology enables videographers to shoot footage while in a wheelchair. A boom arm attached to the chair is operated with a sip-and-puff device, while the camera that sits on top is controlled by a joystick.

Portable Document Stand This document stand is designed for professional speakers and attaches easily to a wheelchair. The stand is both portable and adjustable.

Workstation for the Bedroom A new multi-function workstation underwent several modifications for a client who needs to work in a reclined position from his home.

Adapted Drill Press A large, easy-grip handle was added to a drill press to make adjusting the height of the machine's working surface easier.

Adapted Shop Vac Two customized handles were added to the wand of a shop vac, making clean up much easier for a client with dexterity challenges.

Lawn Mower Adaptation We modified a cordless lawn mower so it can be operated with one hand.

Modified Carving Tool An electric chisel was adapted for a professional stone carver. A large handle and heat-resistant insert make gripping the tool much easier.

Stone Carving Vise A vise for a professional sculptor holds pieces of stone securely, and is powered with an electric car jack.

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