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Alycia Garcia

Special Projects Team Lead

Pronouns: she/her


Alycia is a doctoral candidate in the University of Victoria’s Curriculum and Instruction department. Her research is set to focus on educational policy studies as they relate to asylum-seeking children in American elementary schools. Particularly, she will investigate policy development for students who have sought refuge from Latin America and Mexico, then determine how those policies are put into practice by teachers. Alycia is excited to work at CanAssist as a Special Projects Coordinator and Content Writer where she can use her passion for education and inclusion to make a difference in her community.


Alycia was born and raised in the land belonging to the Hohokam peoples, also known as Arizona, and was a public-school teacher there for five years before beginning her PhD program. Although Alycia intended on teaching for the remainder of her career, the inequities she witnessed in the public school system (particularly amongst racial minorities and children with disabilities) sparked a motivation to make changes. She is passionate about anti-racist pedagogy, critical race theory in curricular design, and inclusivity for people with all abilities.

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