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Current Technologies


    Ability411 is a web-based service that provides practical information on assistive technologies.

  • Accessible Art Interface

    CanAssist’s Accessible Art Interface (AAI) is a motorized assistive drawing device which holds and moves an art instrument, such as a pen or a marker, across a piece of paper.

  • CanConnect and the Custom Case

    An extremely user-friendly, secure live video software application which can be easily downloaded to Apple iOS and Android devices.

  • Canoe Paddle Support

    A one-armed canoe paddle device that creates a simplified handle motion that is easy to understand and use, while still effectively propelling a canoe.

  • Captive Knife Cutting Board

    A device that lets people safely use a kitchen knife using only one hand.

  • Caregiver Intercom

    The Caregiver Intercom provides an easy way for families and other care providers to connect with vulnerable seniors who have difficulty using a standard landline telephone.

  • Choices2Go

    An app for the iPad that provides visual, in-the-moment choice-making opportunities for people who may not otherwise be easily understood.

  • Guitar Strummer

    A device that enables people with the use of only one hand to play guitar.

  • Hitch Lift

    A device that mounts to the trailer hitch of a vehicle and enables individuals to load a mobility aid into a vehicle with little physical effort or bending.

  • Indoor Ball Launcher for Dogs

    A commercial ball launcher was adapted so it could be used by a girl unable to use its remote control. Now Shannon can play with her dog, Austin.

  • Mobile Music Therapy Kit

    A multimedia kit that enables classes of students with disabilities to create music together during music therapy sessions.

  • Motivational Cycle

    Encourages exercise by providing engaging virtual environments through which to pedal.

  • Motorized Tablet Mount

    This device allows a person who uses a wheelchair to use and adjust a tablet easily and independently.

  • Motorized Wheelchair Raincover

    This device allows a person who uses a wheelchair to use and adjust their raincover easily and independently.

  • Robotic Grabber

    This battery-operated device attaches to a wheelchair and lets people pick up objects off the floor.

  • Switch-Accessible Spinner

    A device that works like a roulette wheel to enable kids to participate more actively in classroom activities.

  • Talking Switch Interface

    The Talking Switch Interface, or TSI, is an interactive system that combines switch access for toys and devices with custom audio message recording and playback.

  • Toilet Step Stool

    CanAssist’s Toilet Step Stool (TSS) is designed to off­er more stability and a greater sense of security for children when toileting.

  • Waveband

    A software app that lets people with disabilities express themselves musically through motion.

  • Wheelchair-Mounted Hockey Stick

    This device enables someone without the use of his or her arms to play floor hockey.

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