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Robotic Grabber

Co-op student Miles with client Leif on delivery day.What is it?

The Robotic Grabber arm allows individuals with mobility challenges to pick up objects off of the floor. The device mounts to the side of a wheelchair and uses a joystick to raise, lower, open and close the bucket. The bucket has both a claw and a tray which allows it to either pinch or scoop objects to pick them up. The device is light and durable, and it can be used both indoors and outdoors.  

Key features

  • can be controlled with a joystick that is mounted on the wheelchair
  • easily grips and scoops up toys and other objects
  • main motor raises and lowers arm while smaller motors open and close bucket
  • won’t crush items or damage walls or floors

Who is it for?

This device is for people who use wheelchairs and are unable to independently reach down to pick up objects on the floor. For example, this user was able to pick up his toys from the floor with the use of his bright yellow excavator-style grabber.


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