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What is it?

Choices2Go is a free app for the iPad that provides visual, in-the-moment choice-making opportunities for people who may not otherwise be reliably understood - such as emergent communicators.

The app accomplishes this by facilitating the rapid creation of "choice boards" by a caregiver, who uses images from the Photos library or Camera Roll. Emergent communicators touch their choice, which is then highlighted for several seconds.

In the screenshot on the left, the client has selected from among 3 beverages. The figure on the right shows the built-in No-Yes board that may be used.

Key features

  • create visual choice boards in seconds
  • select from custom images, including albums and the Camera Roll
  • access a built-in “Yes-No” board
  • shake the device to scramble the order of the images


Choices2Go was developed by CanAssist at the University of Victoria, in collaboration with a speech-language pathologist from the Communication Association for Youth and Adults (CAYA).





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