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  • Accessible Filing Cabinet

    This filing cabinet, which sits horizontally and has vertical slots for files, is at just the right height for someone who uses a wheelchair.

  • Accessible Gaming Controller

    The controller acts an intermediary between popular video gaming systems and a user's accessibility switch or other control device.

  • Adapted Video Camera

    An initiative that enables students with disabilities to test their interest in journalism by using video recording technology that has been customized for their needs.

  • Alert Button

    We modified a doorbell so a young man can easily alert his caregiver during the night by pressing a button with his head.

  • Automated Billiards Device

    A sophisticated device that allows people with a range of disabilities to play billiards independently.

  • Automated Stamper

    A teenager with her own business received a device that increases her involvement in creating her beautiful greeting cards.

  • Barber Chair Customization

    A unique chair designed to enable a professional barber who had lost both his legs to return to work.

  • BatSwinger

    This switch-activated device lets the user swing a baseball bat on their own.

  • CanPlan app

    An application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that breaks down any task into a series of steps, using photos, audio and text.

  • CanTunes App

    CanTunes is a software application that provides an extremely simplified way for people with a range of cognitive disabilities to select and play music on an iPad.

  • CanWork App

    CanWork promotes independence and builds confidence by helping people with cognitive challenges complete work-related tasks successfully.

  • Classroom Alert System

    We developed a customized light that is letting a Grade 1 boy indicate to his teacher that he wants to speak in class.

  • Customized Hand Brake System for Wheelchair

    Customized hand brakes were added to a non-standard wheelchair for extra control and safety.

  • Double Stroller for Teens

    A robust double stroller customized for teenage siblings.

  • DynaVox and Tablet Mounting System

    Two customized mounting brackets hold a DynaVox and tablet securely, while the user is in bed and when he is seated in a power chair.

  • Ergonomic Butcher Knife Handles

    Designed for a professional butcher who was experiencing repetitive use pain in his hand.

  • Hall-Crossing Handrail

    Allows people who are mobile but unsteady to cross to the other side of a hallway safely.

  • Hand Cycle Modifications

    We altered a recumbent bike for a top paracycling competitor, adding sip-n-puff gears and back-pedalling brakes.

  • Head-Activated Piano Pedal

    A music Master's student was unable to use the piano pedal. We created a technology that lets her push the pedal by moving her head.

  • Headband-Operated EMG Switch

    A device that helps people communicate by contracting the muscles in their face. Clients are fitted with a special headband lined with surface electrodes and when their facial muscles contract, a switch is activated.

  • Headband-Operated EMG Switch with Mouse Click Box

    The electrical activity produced by contracting one’s facial muscles activates a Mouse Click Box which, in turn, can be programmed to control a function on a computer.

  • iPhone Switch Interface

    Allows people to control the functions of an iPhone with accessibility switches.

  • iPod Switch Interface

    The iPod Switch Interface lets people with very challenging disabilities control Apple's popular iPod music player with a single switch.

  • Lap Saver for Wheelchair Users

    A durable stable work surface that can be easily attached to a variety of wheelchairs.

  • Laser Pointer

    This technology allows clients to activate toys and appliances by pointing at a laser-sensitive target. It is also used in classrooms to spell out words.

  • Lawnmower for Power Chair

    An adapted lawnmower enables power chair users to contribute independently to yard maintenance.

  • Mobile Floor Sitter

    We developed an alternative to a wheelchair for two sisters who need to sit close to the ground while travelling about.

  • Modified Carving Tool

    We adapted an electric chisel for a professional stone carver. The modifications make gripping the chisel much easier.

  • Motivational Exercise Bike for DVD player

    An exercise bike is outfitted with a device that plays a TV and DVD player - as long as the viewer keeps pedaling.

  • Motivational Gaming Bicycle

    Pedaling and steering a bike controls the play of video games, increasing a user's motivation to exercise.

  • Multi-Sensory Entertainment Board

    An extremely easy-to-use display featuring engaging sounds and images.

  • Oven Loader

    An automated oven loader provides independence to a woman whose physical challenges were thwarting her love of baking.

  • Phone-in Monitoring System

    A device that allows caregivers to call into their loved one's home phone line to learn about their recent activity.

  • Push Bike for Toddler

    An adapted wooden push bike enables a toddler to participate alongside his sister and peers.

  • Radio Drum

    This device lets people generate percussion sounds by moving the sticks in a particular direction and at various speeds or by hitting the surface.

  • Radio Frequency Wandering Alert

    A system uses radio frequency tags to mitigate the risk of individuals wandering from a non-secure facility.

  • Rainstick Oscillator

    A device that is a constant source of relaxation for a little girl and will teach her to use an accessibility switch.

  • Real-Time Conductor Viewer

    This innovative technology lets a student with very limited vision read his music and watch a conductor simultaneously.

  • Remote Control Car Modification

    A remote control toy car was modified so its functions could be controlled by an accessibility switch.

  • Rowing Brace

    A custom rowing brace helps competitive rowers with physical disabilities to train for long periods of time.

  • Saddle Support

    We created a customized support so a young woman could gain more therapeutic benefits - and enjoyment - while riding.

  • Sensory Stimulation Bed

    A highly customized bed that lets a youngster get the sensory stimulation he requires in safety.

  • Shuffling Gait Detector

    A system that helps people with a shuffling gait to walk more safely.

  • Simple Remote Control

    A very simplified version of a TV remote controls that allows people with a range of disabilities to control their television set independently.

  • Stone Carving Vise

    We created a vise for a professional sculptor that holds pieces of stone securely. The device is powered with an electric car jack.

  • Switch-Accessible Camera

    Users control a camera's functions by pressing a single button on the device, or by connecting it to an accessibility switch.

  • Switch-Activated Bowling Ramp

    A commercial bowling ramp was modified so it can be operated with an accessibility switch, is powered by a motor, and sits to the side of a wheelchair.

  • Tennis Racket Brace

    For people who have difficulty gripping, a strong and adjustable brace to keep a tennis racket in place.

  • Therapeutic Pillow

    An electronic pillow moves rhythmically and helps a young man with autism to relax in times of stress.

  • Wandering Redirect System

    A strategically placed tablet helps to reinforce the time of day for individuals with dementia.

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