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DynaVox and Tablet Mounting System

What is it?

A client, who is unable to speak and is learning to communicate by using a DynaVox and computer tablet, required a mounting system to hold the devices securely in place when he is using his power chair and in bed. CanAssist purchased and customized two sturdy mounting brackets. The first attaches to the wall over the young man's bed and can be moved easily up and down and from side to side to achieve the perfect position for reading and touch-screen interaction. The second bracket attaches to his wheelchair, is adjustable and swings safely out of the way when not in use. Special “quick-release” brackets allow caregivers to easily switch between the two devices, as well as between the bed and wheelchair locations.

Key features

  • safe, secure mounting of DynaVox and tablet
  • a client can use communications devices both in bed and while seated in a power chair
  • allows easy switching between devices
  • the system can be moved out of the way when not in use


Note: DynaVox is the brand name of a computerized communications system. Its primary purpose is to provide verbal communication for people who are unable to speak. Users navigate through a series of symbols and select the ones that best express what they want to say.

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