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Talking Switch Interface

What is the Talking Switch Interface (TSI)?

The Talking Switch Interface, or TSI, is an interactive system that combines switch access for toys and devices with custom audio message recording and playback.

How does the TSI work?

The TSI has four channels. Each channel is numbered and colour coded and has a switch input jack, toy/device output jack and two knobs for setting the mode and delay. Each channel allows for one recorded message – five seconds long or less. When the user taps an accessibility switch the audio recording for that channel will play and the toy/device will be activated after the set delay.

Who would benefit from using the TSI?

The TSI is ideal for those learning cause-and-effect, communication, and choice making. It also builds comfort with using an accessibility switch.


  • Four channels; each able to play a custom recorded message and control a toy or device
  • Compatible with standard accessibility switches and switch adapted toys/devices
  • Adjustable switch modes: momentary, timed or latch
  • Adjustable toy/device activation delay (i.e. set toy to turn on after message plays)
  • Mounting area for placing toys and devices
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for TSI (toys/devices powered separately)




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