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Motivational Cycle

What is it?

The Motivational Cycle is a technology that encourages people to exercise by providing engaging virtual environments through which to pedal – whether by hand or by foot. 

Key features

  • connects to a variety of commercial pedaling machines – such as a recumbent stationary bike or a hand-and-foot Active Passive Trainer (APT)
  • pedaling controls the operation of videos that show ever-changing scenes, such as beautiful country roads and vibrant cityscapes
  • when the user's pedaling speeds up, he or she moves more quickly through the scene for realistic effect
  • could be tailored for younger users to display age-appropriate environments, such as a country fair or an African safari
  • show distance traveled, as well as the user's speed
  • no set up required; the user simply starts pedaling and a scene is selected

Who is it for?

Originally designed for frail elderly clients who needed a safe and engaging way to exercise indoors, this technology would also be beneficial for people of all ages who use wheelchairs or have strength or mobility challenges.



The Heights' story

Two gentlemen at The Heights try out the Motivational Cycle.CanAssist recently delivered the Motivational Cycle to a complex care residence in Saanich, called The Heights at Mt. View.

Staff members say the Motivational Cycle is increasing users' motivation to exercise, thereby improving their overall health and well-being.

One local occupational therapist chose scenes from Scotland and Panama to initially test the technology with two older people who use an Active Passive Trainer (APT).

“They loved it!“ said Debbie Heron, of The Heights. “One fellow arm-pedaled five kilometres in 15 minutes, slowing for the sheep.” She said the gentleman usually requires regular coaching to keep him going on the APT, but not this time as the video captured his interest until he tired.


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